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“What do we DO with all of this?” It’s a question we help answer all the time! Whether you are settling an estate, moving into a smaller home, or just wanting to simplify your lifestyle, the liquidation of household items can be both frustrating and time-consuming.

Recollections, Ltd. provides its clients with a worry-free and quick solution to this and other difficult situations. The bottom line: we can meet your needs efficiently and professionally!

Conducted Estate Sales (House Sales)

We regularly conduct estate sales within the Chicagoland area, and in fact we recommend this option highly if the volume and value of the contents are great enough to warrant one.

We take care of all aspects of an estate sale, including the merchandising, pricing, and advertising. (See our FAQ page for specific details):

  • We stage the sale to be clean, organized, and honoring to the estate. No piles of unsorted merchandise for people to dig through.

  • We don't just price the big things and make up prices as we go along .... that can cost the estate hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Our job is to find even the buried treasure and price it accordingly.

  • We handle the bookkeeping, maintain the safety and security of the merchandise, and our friendly staff provides great customer service.

  • We are bonded and insured to protect the interests of our clients, and have worked hard to develop a reputation for running fair and efficient sales.

  • Our prices reflect today's market with the focus on generating sales, not disappointment. Our experience with the marketplace, plus our researching skills, results in our ability to reach our goal for an estate sale - to empty the house while generating proceeds for the client.

  • Keep in mind, too, that an estate sale is like a giant open house. If the house is on the market, we encourage your Realtor to provide us with sales sheets for the house during the sale.

We will do an estate content analysis for you at no charge. Contact us for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: Is there a pair of sneakers in the closet worth $1000? One of our clients didn't think so either, but we knew what we were looking at! Had we visited the estate ONE DAY LATER, they would have gone to Goodwill. Is that old pair of sunglasses worth nearly $200? Not before we plucked them out of the trash bag that the family had already been filling!

You could be throwing away or donating hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of collectibles. "Junk drawers" and old boxes of papers often hold very valuable items! We know what they are and how to price them to maximize your sale potential.

The success of an estate sale depends on a large variety of contents. If you toss out or donate items BEFORE you call us, you may eliminate our ability to conduct a sale. IF IT NEEDS TO BE TOSSED, we'll toss it!

The Cardinal Rule: never throw it out until you've called us! You might be surprised at what really IS collectible these days!

Not enough for an estate sale? We may have other options to suggest, including arranging for pieces of value to be placed into auction, selling appropriate items via on-line auction, or assisting you with arranging and pricing a small sale you can run on your own. Let's take a look, and let's talk!



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